digital artist / advertising

The Blade advertisement has elements from our "Graffiti Campaign.  Introducing color into our branding that typically looks black and white.

These are sell sheets that our sales people leave behind after their presentations.  Our audience are Specifiers, Engineers, Architects, Lighting Designers, etc.

Sell sheet for The Blade

Artwork I created from our Graffiti campaign was use in our trade show system .

See social for more graffiti examples.

Sell sheet Back Page

Represented in the 3d illustrations are the photometric data an important comparison with Emergency back up.

I placed the fixture IES data files inside the light (3d app) that produce the specific light distribution.

turtle friendly Amber led

From my Campaign of Fear is the coming storm.

White light onshore will keep wildlife away.

Amber light Perfect for the Gulf Coast region.

Vandal resistant Lighting

From my Campaign of Fear is vandal destruction.

This sell sheet informs about the strength and Durability of our products.  See the video of beating this fixture with a baseball bat and a crowbar.

High Security and Confinement

Built specifically for prisons and behavior health facilities. Images of the interior and cell I built in modo a 3d application

Modern design

From a location shoot at Wegman's grocery store I used this image and composed a photo i shot of the blade over the door.  an ad for a newly designed product full cut-off.

Meaning no light emitted above the fixture.