digital artist / content

Building quality content that represents your products in the best image.  Dynamic photography that creates engaging response.

Good content, I personally experience falls short in many businesses.  I always try to develop creative results to achieve an impressive outcome.

Retrofit kit

We offered LED RFK kits to replace out dated luminaries .  I photographed separate components to show the ease of replacement within the original fixture.

elevator vandal resistant light

designed for the the City of New York housing development.

Photographed inside an elevator, then removed the original ceiling and reconstructed to look real.

Simple Animation

This animation of the retro-fit kit demonstrates the components and their mounting positions.

Product photography

Shooting products at all angles for content that prospective users request to view.

Photographed on white leaves me the ability to create backgrounds to repurpose an image.

Installation Photos

The need to see the environment the product is installed within is essential.



 "Lighting for safety and severe weather"

I used the stock photo on the left and created the image on the right.

This image includes digital painting , photography and effects.

I specialize in developing solutions that tell a story.