digital artist / designer

The benefits being involved with other creative professionals and sharing knowledge is the reward of creating outstanding work.

 I go to work to have fun, that's a concept that many don't understand.

4 Page brochure + Flap Foldout

The plant pie growing tray promotes better growth when plants are grouped together compared to single cells.

a detail aid for sales and representatives.

Magazine ad

This was a brand where I created a modern style logo.  also, i loved shooting on this satin material that has a beautiful shimmer.


Precision throughout time was concept art where i shot my watch and composed the images behind.  I had to recreate the breitling logo in adobe illustrator

RKG 1866

Richard krementz the most respected in the jewelry industry.  he was my introduction into Luxury brands.

i Worked with Dani B. where i shot the pieces and made ready for print, her layouts.

laura gibson

I designed this ad for Laura, photographed her Caribbean necklace.  I enjoyed working on this account and produced some exceptional art for her.

Elements shot in parts and composed together.


My brother owns and operates a pest control business.

I designed this postcard advertisement for mosquito and tick control using organic ingredients.


Concept art for Licensing and Business development, combining  our strengths, sharing our successes.


Alldocs 6 page interactive newsletter that was emailed out all the doctors in their organization.

It was always a challenge to make the copy fit and still look good.