digital artist / healthcare

Hired by agencies and corporations and partnering with creative groups to build their concepts into finished art.

Clients included Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Shire, FCB Healthcare, Area 23, Integrated Communication, MED.

Area 23

I created this image with 5 elements composed together. After ordering many chess sets they decided to use one from my home. The client used

my hand saying  it looks like a doctors hand. After setting up the lighting my assistant took the shot.

Integrated Communication

A retro idea is what the creative team was looking to achieve.

Almost to many elements to count. Including photography, illustration and stock images to complete this image. An

advertisement to promote healthy diet to manage your

blood pressure.


I'll bring Ken Z into this picture or his Daughter Tara.

A concept he developed to convince patients to buy lenses from their optometrist and not on-line.  I shot her with a mix of blue and white light to simulate cast from laptop screen.


All Docs

Partnering with Marketing expert, Ken Z, as colleagues we held a powwow of concepts.

This idea entered my head and it became the

All doc's Hero image.  I love being involved and brain storming with other creative people.

FCB Healthcare

A wallpaper pattern that looked like a pair of lungs and used to create this art.

The trick to making this work was to wrap this graphic around the shirt details.


Partnering and business development.

I could make it as a hand model.  shot on glass using a mix of green with white light.


Integrated Communication

An obvious combination of art work and photography to produce the bubbly sensation.  I modeled this image on a Disney character, "Tinker Bell".  Making the magic wand the toothbrush.  Needless to say the client at the time was so impressed.


Promoting teamwork and great achievements.  I photographed mountain climbing equipment that helps you reach the highest peaks.




The project involved was to recreate the illustration in real life.  worried about cancer, The product Emend for help tolerating chemo.  Shot in  studio and outdoors in winter.

See teamwork production in my about page.