digital artist / illustrator

I had the honor of working with Richard for many years representing his jewels creating the highest quality work that he expected.

I shot the rings in groups of two and composed my images with a background art that I painted digitally.

GUTSTER Demo bar

Demolition bar breaks apart structures in the construction industry.  This image was created in 3d and also can be viewed in motion.

see sub menu motion.

Special Tamper proof requirements are built into confinement fixtures.  A PRISON IS A DIFFICULT TO ACCESS to photograph.


Occupancy sensor

Sensor graphic demonstrates that a slight movement will trigger activation.  This image was created in Adobe photoshop for Luminaire led lighting fixtures.  I produced

an animated version as well.

Right brain left brain concept  that relates to the separation of the  analytical and the creative thinking half.

Conceptual Art

See link below if you would like to view a Comp-art portfolio.

an example of photography, 3d modeling digital artwork combined to illustrate creative ideas..

Be a pi for FCB Healthcare


Created in Adobe Illustrator and using gradient mesh function. the image is resolution independent, Meaning it can be enlarged to any size and maintain resolution.

Vector Art