digital artist / photographer     glenn russen


 Your business is constantly evolving and so is the way you communicate with your audience. For more than 30 years, Chromewerk has worked with clients on a wide spectrum of advertising and marketing solutions. I specialize in creating exceptional visual content.

Biotech For alpha-1

Breathtaking visuals in the pharmaceutical  industry. I worked in healthcare marketing for over 20 years producing outstanding creative content.

corporate branding

Illuminating a brand identity in the lighting industry. Starting with developing a stylish modern logo then onto a complex interactive website.  Building recognition in the industry by smart design, unique and apart from the competition..

BRANDING Lighting Company

Beginning with a new logo design to my

last days working for Luminaire Led I enjoyed every hour.

Brand identity and design

Developing an identity for a special product in the Agriculture industry. From layouts to logos, sell sheet to sales aids, displays to digital. I can help your business grow.

Design Bath Design industry

Chromewerk can photograph your product in action and make it look beautiful. Your marketing will be showered in compliments.

graffiti artwork for Luminaire LED

Colorful illustrations for Vandal resistant lighting. this art i created was based on their product warranty.

Graffiti art never looked so good.


dazzling video and motion graphics for any industry. Solutions for product introduction, education

and specific information.

MOTION Video, animation and effects

Contact Glenn now to discuss what an Artisan could design and build to help with your business success.