digital artist / Location

Workshop at Luminaire Led I staged this image showing assembly of linear led fixtures.

I wanted to create movement and comfort in our work environment.



Having a little fun warming up before the actual shoot. Caught on camera a special moment between patient and doctor.



Using a real patient from this doctors office to sit in for the shoot.


Shot toward end of day to capture the lighting ambiance.



Shooting for schindler elevator is a challenge with highly reflective surfaces.  They like movement

showing ease of access.


Installation shots showing where their elevators are located.  Ironically the two egress lights mounted on the side of the building are from Luminaire Led.


Interior photograph I shot for my neighbor.  Used two lights for the entire house.


This structure was located on the top level parking garage.  I thought this scene looked cool with that deep blue sky. Built for time.


Huge greenhouses with robots watering overhead and sitting on rails for easy loading into trailers.


Cool process plating metal.  I should bring my bumpers to these guys..

greenhouse Shower heads

Gold plating jaclo shower heads for their rain machine line.

Police station

Installation photography for our VPF8's at Edison police headquarters.