digital artist / in motion     glenn russen

Creative | Marketing and Advertising | Campaigns | Brand & Web Development

A creative talent looking to join a team of other professionals who could utilize my vast
technical knowledge and artistic abilities. I am skilled in all areas of creative marketing and advertising.
An accomplished professional and winner of numerous awards including a CLIO Healthcare award
for photography and illustration.


I can become a tremendous asset to any corporation large or small developing smart tactics ensuring quality workmanship and flawless production.

Combining video footage,  motion graphics,  3d animation,  html animation, video editing,  particle and optical effects.

A visual designer creating engaging images for stimulating user experience.

Stimulate... Dynamic marketing tools...        Self promo

 Motion Graphics and special effects

Immune Pharmaceuticals...

3d Modeling and Animation with Motion Graphics

Safe... Fast... Easy...

Video footage Nikon D810, edited in Adobe After Effects, Trapcode Particular, Optical Flares and voice over by Vanessa.

In this video we demonstrate our ARV-13 led board  by damaging the led diodes and our light continues to operate.

Luminaire LED circuitry is designed to compensate for failure of led diodes and maintain  proper light output.

Luminaire LED

More Coming Soon