digital artist / portraits

Same photo, same girl, see what retouching can do improve your look.

I began my career in NYC as a retouching artist primarily working in the fashion industry.


Lynn the financial Office manager.

Very good at organizing all the employees

coming in and out for this shoot.


Connie the home gardener.  She was shot in studio then composed into a background scene for other uses.


Portraits used For HIV awareness and testing.

a series varying age groups, gender and ethnicities.


Portrait of my son. He's wearing my leather jacket from when I was his age.


Dentist office.

I have available the whole series of photographs from this project as PDF.  See link below.

Luxury Brand

Jade Modeling pearl necklace.

I shot a series of her wearing designer jewels that they still are using today.

Santa's Helper

Christmas party I shot company portraits.

I admit that that i have a soft spot for

beautiful eyes


Vyvanse for the treatment of ADHD in patients 6 years of age and older.

Luminaire LED

Really nice people throughout the company a diverse mix that all worked well together.