digital artist / products

Luxury goods and high end jewels where I created impressive results with macro photography using the

combination of computer controls to accentuate fine details and color.  I was always amazed that rarity of the

stone, made easier to sell the piece.  RKG1866

Colavita Birk mfg Schraft celgene OVW Janssen Maria Canale

Manufacturing heating elements for critical components used in aircraft and satellites.

Italian maker of olive oil and home style food products.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

for health and wellness.

Designer of semi precious jewelry

Growers of flowers for garden centers, Landscapers and home improvement stores

Pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment a Johnson & Johnson company.

Designer of fine and exquisite jewelry

Luminaire led

Manufacturing specification grade lighting


golf equipment manufacturer carlsbad California


golf equipment manufacturer carlsbad California

Stanley Brands

Mechanics protective gloves for hardware stores


Bathroom products for the Hospitality industry.