digital artist / social

The transformation of the lighting industry into a new green age began with the introduction of LED diodes.

Luminaire Lighting Corporation changed to Luminaire LED where I started branding them with designing a new logo.

The artwork on this page is from our Graffiti Campaign where I introduced color to an otherwise black & white look.

Branding of Luminaire LED

Developing a new identity began with LED technology changing the lighting industry.

Creating a new logo, then moving forward branding the company and their website.


our Sales staff managed and updated Luminaire Led linkedIn media page.  Business contacts made LinkedIn

the only social media source that our sales team used.


I vandalized our trade show system with graffiti artwork. We mounted some of our lights to the structure and operated all the functions with our mobile phones.


Using my artistic skills, I painted a watercolor Christmas or some will say, a holiday card.

Used as an email sent to all of are associates.


Eddie, Tara and tommy selling as well as demonstrating vandal resistant lighting.

This Display system is a modular aluminum frame with printed fabric